Thermoplan GmbH technology in two German
roofing tile factories

Modernization of the control system at Erlus AG

In winter 2008/2009 Erlus AG conducted an extensive modernization of the control system in a flat tile production line and a roofing tile accessories unit. Thermoplan was able to ­supply the technology for changing over the entire handling of the flat tile production line from S5 to S7 (8 controls).

In the accessories unit, the continuous dryer and the cogeneration system were upgraded from S5 to S7 and the Thermoplan process control system integrated.

Both project systems have now been operating for several months to the client’s full satisfaction.


Acoustic testing system for roofing tiles installed at Creaton AG

As part of the set-up of a new plant at Creaton AG, at its Wertingen site, a system for testing the dimensional accuracy and sound of the roofing tiles was installed by Thermoplan GmbH.

The system has now operated for ten months to the satisfaction of the plant management, guaranteeing consistently effective sorting. As a result, the labour requirement at the packing station has been halved while the sorting quality maintained.

The special feature of the testing system is the double-testing of the roofing tiles, enabling very sensitive settings for detecting defects (only tiles that have been identified twice as defective are rejected) without the error quota for needlessly rejected tiles being increased.

Thanks to dynamic adjustment of the sorting criteria, factors such as tile weight or tile temperature have no influence on sorting effi­ciency.


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