Erlus gets new tunnel kiln for high-grade roof tiles

This contribution describes a tunnel kiln installation for firing high-grade roof tiles with superior surface quality realized for Erlus AG in Teistungen. The project was executed by Keramischer Ofenbau GmbH.

1 Introduction

Located in Neufahrn, Lower Bavaria, Erlus AG has a workforce of approximately 500 and counts among Germany‘s leading producers of tiles and chimney systems.

Thanks to the company‘s clear-cut, uncompromising strategic focus on high-quality products with outstanding properties in terms of functionality and design, Erlus has consistently gained and maintained a competitive edge in its key business areas of roofing materials and chimney systems.


2 Company history

The original brickyard was established in Ergoldsbach in 1842. When the company went public in 1904, it was renamed...

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