Roofing tile manufacturer Nelskamp presents new solution for storm proofing

Clay roofing tiles are usually fixed to a roof with storm clips. With its Dachstick, Nelskamp, the clay roofing tile manufacturer, has now come up with a new solution for storm proofing roofs. The Dachstick is supplied together with the F 12 U-Sued clay roofing tile. For this combination, the ZVDH, that is the Central Association of German Roofers, has confirmed that a material guarantee has been filed.
Working with the new Nelskamp Dachstick is easy, fast and cost-efficient. The element is fixed to the tiles at roofing tile factory and replaces storm clips. No tools or expensive storage of the clips are needed. Additional calculation of the wind load is generally unnecessary as the installation plan developed by Nelskamp shows what areas need to be secured – based on the respective wind zone.
The Dachstick is made of a fibre-reinforced semi-crystalline thermoplastic that has already been tested in Formula 1 racing and aerospace applications. In addition, the material can be recycled and is therefore very environmentally friendly.
With roof battens with a thickness of 28 to 40 mm, use of the Dachstick is very flexible and meets the professional requirements of the ZVDH in compliance with DIN 1055-4 (Wind loads) as well as DIN EN 14437 (Uplift resistance of installed clay or concrete roofing tiles). Moreover, a more than 30-year lifetime estimation has been tested and confirmed in accordance with the Arrhenius method.

Repairs from the outside: Dachstick-Revi
The flexibility of the Dachstick is also demonstrated during later repairs or building modifications: with the help of the Dachstick Revis, in just a few simple steps, the storm-proofing element can be removed from the outside and then refixed to a roofing tile. Individual tiles can be easily replaced at low cost.
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Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp GmbH


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