Solid all-rounder – the new “Unipor WS08 Coriso” clay block

The new “Unipor WS08 Coriso” clay block combines optimum sound insulation with highly effective thermal insulation. It is therefore suitable for the building of detached, semi-detached and terraced housing as well as for the construction of multi-storey housing.
Thanks to its purely mineral insulating filling, the solid all-rounder enables a healthy interior climate and at the same time exceeds all requirements set down in Germany’s current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV).
“With a thermal conductivity of just 0.08 W/(mK) for a wall thickness of 30 cm, the solid masonry block boasts excellent thermal insulation,” explains Dr Thomas Fehlhaber, CEO of the Unipor Group. “With a wall thickness of 36.5 cm, it meets the requirements for the construction of a KfW-Efficiency House 70, and with thicker walls, it even fulfils the requirements for the KfW-Efficiency House standard 55.” On account of its high storage capacity, the new Unipor clay block acts like a natural air conditioning system. Consequently, it prevents the overheating of the interior in the summer.
Sound insulation is highly important especially in terraced and multi-storey housing construction. The Unipor WS08 Coriso clay block ensures here – already from a wall thickness of 30 cm – with a sound insulation value Rw,Bau,ref of 48.2 decibels already excellent conditions for a high level of privacy within the occupant’s own four walls.
In the event of fire too, the Unipor WS08 Coriso meets all requirements for fire resistance class F60-A. It is available in the compressive strength classes 8 and 10.

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