L‘École Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande

An exceptional school calls for a special refurbishment. The roof of the over 100-year-old École Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande has been re-covered with a new plain tile – while the school was still running.

The ENSR, founded in 1906, is an elite boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland, educating pupils from over 40 nations. The history of the school was to be reflected in the refurbishment: it was therefore not only for reasons of heritage conservation that it was so important to the building owner to preserve the historical features.

The roof was covered with 28 000 plain tiles in the colour shade of old nuanced brown. Being a prominent feature of the landscapes in the region around Lake Geneva, the wide variety of warm and natural colour shades of this roofing tile offers wide scope for design.

The four roof panels are adorned with ornaments and batwing dormers.

Photo: Gasser Ceramic Tuileries & Briqueteries, Bardonnex SA, Switzerland

Architect: Architecte ICC, Lausanne, Switzerland


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