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We have redesigned our Internet pages at Complementing the monthly published print version of Zi Brick and Tile Industry International, we should like to bring you more up-to-date information and more detailed reports.

Alongside summaries of the papers, interviews, reports, company profiles and market surveys, we shall provide you with selected business and technical news, including full versions of articles.

Under the heading “News”, we present not only current information about clay bricks and tiles, but interesting items from the building industry in general. This will...

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Today we are sending you the first of our Spotlight Newsletters with the latest information from the clay brick and tile sector. Starting this year, we shall be using this newsletter to regularly...

Issue 2014-08

53rd Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course

The 2014 Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course, which will take place from 2 to 4 December, is devoted to all facets of clay brick manufacture and application. This time it starts off with...

Issue 2015-8

54th Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course

We shall present abstracts of all papers here: What makes our employees sick? Radioactivity of ceramic construction materials Clay brick and tile making – fit for the future? Avoiding...