Possibilities for Optimizing Existing Roofing Tile Models

With the optimization of existing roofing tile models, it is possible, for instance, to reduce tile weight and shorten drying times. Franz Banke GmbH is a company specializing in single-source tile optimization, from scanning of the existing tile contours and models, through reworking of the tile model in 3D CAD to realization of the optimization in new moulds. The individual steps in the process of optimization are described and presented based on the results achieved in a case study.

1 Introduction

The history of the clay roofing tile can be traced back to the year 2500 BC. Clay roof coverings were already used by the Ancient Greeks. The Romans brought clay roofing tiles to the region north of the Alps. While no model of tile from this time is available on the market today, many present day models have, however, been established on the market for several decades. Over the years, a great deal of know-how and extensive experience have been channelled into the development of these models and their adjustment to the specific conditions. In some cases, it may no longer be...

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