Heluz – One of the most modern common brick factories in Europe

At the beginning of March 2009 the Heluz brick factory in the Czech town of Hevlin on the Austrian border was officially commissioned. The foundation stone for the new brick factory was laid in October 2007. The planning and implementation of this new highly modern common brick plant lay with Keller HCW; the preparation equipment was supplied by Rieter-Werke in Constance. The new manufacturing facility increased the total production of the company by 40%.

1 Project

A completely new production plant for the manufacture of highly porous common bricks with an output of 800 t/d of fired goods was built on the existing factory site. Different sizes with a bulk density of up to 0.6 kg/dm³ can be manufactured in the factory. Grinding of the complete production is possible.

The basic raw material for the manufacture of the common bricks is clay from the existing pit, which is mixed with sawdust and papermaking sludge as pore-forming agents. The use of polystyrene as an additive is also possible. The necessary raw material testing was carried out in the...

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