2010 TBE Annual General Assembly – Europe‘s brick and tile makers meet in Vienna

Some 110 representatives of the European brick and tile industry convened in Vienna on October 21 and 22 for their annual general assembly. On Thursday, following the product groups’ deliberations and the meeting of the executive committee, the delegates were able to wind down with a guided tour of the inner city, including lots of information about clay brick architecture along the Ringstrasse. Then, on Friday, the general assembly dealt with such matters as a need for the branch to engage in more intensive publication relations work.

1 Product-group proceedings and executive committee meeting

On Thursday morning, the members of both product groups – roof and masonry – convened for their respective deliberations.

The roof group‘s agenda included a survey of European projects, technical reports (e.g., on product and test standards and about EN 539-2, which deals with the freeze/thaw cycling method) and standardization projects (e.g., options for standardizing thermal-solar and photovoltaic systems). The masonry group, for their part, concentrated on building-product legislation, diverse EU standardization projects and the...

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