21-22 October 2010

TBE Annual General Assembly

Dear colleagues, Dear members,

As President of the association and CEO of Wienerberger AG, I am pleased to host our 2010 General As-sembly in Vienna on 21 and 22 October.

Our annual meeting brings together CEOs and owners of brick and roof tile companies from across the EU, technical and marketing experts, the specialised press and other invited stakeholders. As part of the pro-gramme we always look to include external guest speakers with whom we can exchange opinions and ideas on construction and current EU dossiers. This year we are honoured to have as our guest Mr Adrian Joyce, Director at the Architect Council of Europe (ACE). His work, which includes the promotion of a com-mon language for sustainable construction, regularly reminds EU decision-makers of the importance of our sector to the EU economy and that is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Austria.


Dr Heimo Scheuch                                                  Christophe Sykes

President                                                                Secretary general

The latest news is that we will be joined by Mr Paul Rübig, Austrian Member of the European Parliament (EP) and an active member of the EP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE).


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