European brick and tile industry presented at TBE Congress in Naples

The 62nd TBE Congress took place in Naples on 19–20 June 2014, kindly hosted by Andil, the Italian brick and tile association, which also organized its annual meeting on the same occasion. The events drew over 170 CEOs and executives from the brick and roofing tile industry from member countries across Europe. Outgoing TBE President Heimo Scheuch officially presented his successor Ioannis Maliouris.

TBE product and working groups
discuss ongoing projects

On 19 June participants in the various product and working groups (roofing tiles and masonry products, environmental and technical working group) met for their meetings. These meetings gave the experts updates on current TBE activities in the fields of standardization, climate and energy, Construction Products Regulation, INSYSME project and sustainable construction. The meetings also provided a platform for the specialists to share their experiences at national level. This additional information provides an important basis for TBE’s work...

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