October 21 - 23, 2009

TBE General Meeting in Munich

This year‘s General Meeting of Tiles & Bricks of Europe (TBE) is being staged in Munich in conjunction with Ceramitec. On Thursday, the trade journal Zi Brick and Tile Industry International will join Ceramitec in hosting “Heavy Clay Day“. The product group meetings for roof tiles, facing bricks, blocks and pavers will take place that afternoon.

Also on Thursday, the Federal German Association of the Brick and Tile Industry Reg‘d and the event‘s sponsors Zeppelin CAT, Eon, Burton, Lingl, Grothe, Ceramitec Trade Fair and the BAU Trade Fair, all of which are members of TBE, will be getting together to share an evening at Munich‘s BMW Museum.

On Friday, after the General Meeting, the “Energy Efficiency and Market Forces“ workshop will provide a forum for discussions.



Wednesday, October 21

19:00 Traditional Bavarian Evening - Food and Music


Thursday, October 22

Meetings at Ceramitec, New MunichTrade FairCenter
(free entry for TBE members)

> 10:00 -16:00 “Heavy

> Clay Day“ Conference

> 12:30 TBE Buffet Lunch

> 13:00 - 15:00 Roof Tile

> Product Group (PG)

> 15:00 - 17:00 Combined

> Facing Brick, Block and

> Paver PG

> 19:15 Departure by bus

> from hotel to BMW

> Museum

> 19:30 Formal Dinner

> at BMW Museum


Friday, October 23

Meetings at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost Hotel

> 8:00 Executive Commit

> tee (members only)

> 9:30 General Meeting

> 10:30 “Energy Efficiency

> and Market Forces“

> Workshop

Presentation: „Global Savings Potentials by Utilising Modern Engineering Ceramic Building Methods“, Frank Appel, Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, CEOs Panel Debate, Conclusions

> 1:00 Buffet Lunch


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