Sunshiny days for photovoltaics

Now that Germany‘s nuclear phase-out is on its way, renewable energies have gained broad public consensus. In macroeconomic terms, solar and wind energy conversion techno­logy is creating jobs and helping to ensure future growth. At the microeconomic level, photovoltaic systems are providing tradespeople with an attractive long-term market niche, and giving builders/owners a worthwhile energy balance. But what about directly out there at the construction site? There, convincing, innovative Creaton solutions for roof-integrated and post-mounted photovoltaic arrays alike are serving both the artisans and the building owners as roof-mounted power plants that cause no leaks.

The best place for one‘s own, personal solar power plant is the roof, because its surface area is usually put to no other use. In addition, the roof‘s particular location makes it ideally suitable for the job. Of course, the roof is also the part of the building with the highest level of wind and rain exposure. Consequently, it is only sensible to make it as safe and reliable as possible by opting for high-quality, dependable technology. Creaton was early to support tradespeople and planners by providing them with technically convincing, aesthetically attractive solutions with which to position themselves successfully on the future-oriented solar roof market.


Aesthetic: “Solesia” photovoltaic module for roof-integrated systems

The “Solesia” photovoltaic module not only helps harvest solar energy, but also looks very attractive in combination with high-quality clay roof tiles like “Domino”. This back-ventilated in-roof system integrates “seamlessly” and almost invisibly into the roofage. The module‘s overlay length grid pattern is just as closely attuned to the tile model as to its shade of colour, e.g., “Finesse” in black or anthracite engobe. As such, the module is about as easy to install as a burnt-clay roof tile. For the roofer, it is work as usual, but with more financial yield per square metre. And for the architect and builder/owner, the finished job is not an insult to the eye that one grudgingly accepts for ecological or economic reasons, because the module harmonizes chromatically with the rest of the roof landscape without detracting from its overall composition. It therefore elegantly resolves the old conflict between a roof‘s architectural appeal and the owner‘s desire to do something nice for the climate and for his or her own wallet.


Gale-safe and watertight: “solar array mounting set” for roof top systems

Builders/owners who prefer a conventional, full-length tiled roof but do not wish to do without a photovoltaic system, or someone who would like to effect a solar backfit on an existing Creaton roof, can do their roofer a favour and opt for Creaton‘s “solar array mounting set”. This innovative installation system for conventional, post-mounted PV arrays does away with weak compromises and the queasy feeling that the solar roof may have been too expensive for all its leaks, lack of stability and/or broken tiles. The basic elements are a galvanized solar-panel mount and the corresponding planar ventilation tile. It is safe, fast, clean and simply optimal. Safe because, unlike standard solutions, it guarantees maximum rainproofness. Fast because it is so easy to install in no time at all: turn three screws into the counter batten with a cordless drill, and simply hang the vent tile on the battens. Finished. Clean because it enables dust-free installation with no need of a cutting disk. And optimal because it comes in three standard sizes that fit practically the entire Creaton clay roof tile programme. These standard sizes – 60, 70 and 80 mm – cover nearly any combination of roof tile model and batten thickness.



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