Technical News

Fast, reliable size adjustment

In order to maintain shorter-term delivery times despite smaller lot sizes, many producers are having to retool their machines at ever shorter intervals. Stems and spindles have to be reset, stops moved and sensors repositioned. All this calls for machines with automatic size adjustment.

The new MSBA actuator ( ) solves the problem and saves space at the same time, because it is only 42 mm wide. Comprising a gear motor, a position controller and a CANopen interface, it prevents overloading by means of speed limitation (I2t control) via a dynamic overload cut-out. Thanks to its absolute multiturn position sensing, there is no need for reference-point switches or trial runs. Even when moved in the de-energized state, it never loses track of the position. Its digital hardware inputs are freely programmable, so positioning runs, for example, can be started by hand. Such supplementary functions as current limitation and intelligent blockage management give the engineer just what s/he needs to make the plant safer and more efficient.


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