Ceramitec and Heavy Clay Day

Dear Readers, we are delighted to welcome you to this year’s Ceramitec.

This year we want you to join us and put your foot down to really get things speeding along! We challenge you to a thrilling car race on our Carrera race track at our Stand 500 in Hall B5. Who will be the fastest in our international competition?

In the race for good market opportunities for clay bricks and roofing tiles, the North African countries are currently well ahead. Here investments are ­being made in new technology and brick plants as shown by several projects in Algeria and Morocco. In ­Germany too, the clay brick and tile industry is running well and up front. ­Innovative products, such as filled masonry blocks or attractive solutions for utilizing solar energy on clay-tiled roofs, are offered by more and more manufacturers and market acceptance has been encouraging.

But, it is not only the output that counts, maximum efficiency in the use of raw materials and energy is essential. This is where the machine suppliers and plant engineering companies come in. And we are eager to see what new solutions they will be unveiling at the trade fair. A comprehensive overview is provided in our Ceramitec preview from page 12.

But you should also plan one pit stop on Wednesday, 23 May, at the Ceramitec-Forum in Hall B6. For the second time now we are inviting you to Heavy Clay Day, to discuss with you the pressing issues in our sector. As a focus topic for the morning, we have chosen resource and energy efficiency in clay brick and tile production. One highlight will be the première of the image film ­“Ceramics – modern life, modern buildings” produced by the ECTS. We are devoting the afternoon to “Applications”, with case studies from Austria and Switzerland to show what can be achieved with clay bricks and roofing tiles and how integrated construction concepts can push the building material further ahead. The afternoon will be rounded off with the presentation of a new inorganic, thermal insulation material also suitable for filling bricks. The brief presentations of all the papers from page 39 should arouse your curiosity. We look forward to seeing you there.

By the end of the Ceramitec week we shall have crowned the fastest brickmaker or supplier on the Carrera race track. To ensure that our building material, clay bricks and roofing tiles, is not only in pole position but remains a front runner, we should join forces in accelerating its progress. Ceramitec and Heavy Clay Day, with the new impressions they provide, give us excellent chances to really get things moving.


Anett Fischer, Editor of Zi Brick and Tile International

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