5.4% more building permits for housing units in Germany in 2014

In 2014, the construction of around 284 900 housing units was approved in Germany. As Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) went onto report, that was an increase of 5.4% or just under 14 500 housing units more than in 2013. This continued the positive development that began in 2010.

Of the housing units approved in 2014, just under 246 000 were newbuild units in residential buildings (+ 4.5% compared to 2013). This plus in apartments resulted exclusively from the rise in building permits for apartments in apartment blocks (+ 8.8% respectively +10 400 apartments) and the rise of building permits for apartments in residential homes (+ 31.6% respectively +2 550 apartments). In contrast, there were declines in the permits for detached houses (– 1.4%) and semi-detached houses (– 5.8%).

In 2014 the enclosed space of the approved new non-residential buildings compared to 2013 declined by 6.2% to 186.7 mill. cubic metres. This development can be attributed to fewer approvals both in the case of public sector building owners (– 15.8%) and private building owners (– 5.3%).


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