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Argentine brick and tile producers trust in preparation equipment by Händle

In recent months, Händle GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau has received a number of major commissions for brickyards in Argentina, hence significantly strengthening their market presence in South America.

Already in 2015, Händle equipped the well-known brick and tile producer Loimar S.A. in Tandil with a set of machines for modernizing its preparation plant. The investment’s objectives were to increase production capacity while improving product quality. The new pan mill (Type HMI 2170c) supplanted the company’s old rotor filter (also known as “perforated rolls”), a machine that otherwise is still frequently encountered in Argentina. The new Beta-type fine roller mill (type WF 10120e) can achieve a – guaranteed and proven – grinding fineness of 0.9 mm for a throughput rate of 80 t/h.

The customer is highly satisfied with the results of Händle’s innovative, efficiency-boosting solutions.

Just this February, Händle booked another, similar accomplishment. Due not least to excellent references from Loimar S.A, the German plant and equipment contractor secured two big orders from other Argentine heavy clay producers. In the course of this year, Händle will be delivering two pan mills (type HMSI 2180c) and two fine roller mills (types WF 10100e and WF 10120e) to those two companies. The required throughput capacities are situated around 100 t/h, for a corresponding grinding fineness of 0.8 to 1.0 mm.

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