Händle and ZMB Braun – two strong partners for the North African brick and tile industry

More than 230 Händle-built machines are presently operating reliably in North Africa. About 30 of them are in Morocco and Tunisia, and the other 200 in Algeria. Some are in use as individual machines, and some are part of a complete processing plant. In 2015 alone, Händle successfully commissioned three complete preparation and shaping plants in the region. “Customers appreciate our reliability in terms of planning, installation and assembly periods“, says Händle‘s and ZMB Brauns‘s managing director Gerhard Fischer, “and they are always very satisfied with how quickly we are able to achieve the contractually agreed production capacities in combination with outstanding quality.“ Machines for five more plants have already been delivered and are now being installed or commissioned. The latest project consists of modernizing the shaping line at SARL Atlas in Bou Saada. Its scope includes the installation of a Händle double-shaft screen mixer, a fine roller mill and a new Händle Futura II de-airing extrusion unit, plus all the requisite dies and an innovative quick-change die loading system by ZMB Braun.

Due to immense demand for building materials in Algeria and to the fact that innovative heavy clay products like “briques porteuses” (load-bearing blocks) can offer new sales prospects, Algerian brick makers and investors are attracting more and more interest.

In view of sustained major resonance on the part of the Algerian market, Händle and ZMB Braun will be participating in Batimatec again this year with all the latest developments in extrusion dies and lots of information about the entire range of high-performance products and services. For the customers, the fruitful partnership and close cooperation of Händle and ZMB Braun is true value added. The entire system – extruder, pressure head and die – is always optimally designed and refined. In addition, the Algerian customers are now enjoying better-than-ever technical and commercial support thanks to the increased presence and customer focus.

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