Ashur Brick entrusts Cleia with realization of its new production site in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan

Ashur Brick awarded   Cleia the contract on the back of the experience and expertise of the Cleia specialists in drying and firing clay bricks as well as in optimizing process flow organization within production plants. The scope of the order includes preparation of the raw materials, shaping by extrusion, a cutter for oversized products and one for standard bricks, a new generation tunnel dryer, a Tradifast kiln and an automatic packaging line.

The project plans three robot stations designed by Cleia to bring precision to automatic handling. Following extensive tests at Cleia’s 4C laboratory and an on-site trial, Cleia advised its customer on the choice of raw materials. This collaboration was crucial for the development strategy of Ashur Brick with regard to its three production lines and long-term planning for the building materials market in Iraq.

In line with market development, there are plans to produce hollow bricks, structured bricks, grinded bricks, like “Monomur”, and high-porosity insulating bricks in addition to a range of standard bricks.

The factory can produce up to 1200 t/day to meet the needs of the numerous redevelopment and refurbishment sites in the country. The market has a demand for large volumes of very high-quality building materials.


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