Bedeschi supplies to SC Siceram again

SC Siceram SA, one of the leading companies in Romania, manufacturing blocks, roofing tiles and decorative elements, has opted again for Italian technology from Bedeschi S.p.A. for the expansion of its production lines. The project, which has been developed in stages, concerns both the production line for blocks and the one for roofing tiles.

The work on the first line, which has already been completed and successfully tested, consisted in

Modernization of the dryer with replacement of the old internal ventilation system with a new more efficient one

Optimization of the automatic handling system for the dry products

Replacement of the traditional setting machine with a modern robotic device

Some intervention to improve efficiency in the cooling area of the tunnel kiln

As expected, all this led to increase of more than 15% in the production capacity of the line.

The second stage of the project consists of the realization of a new line for firing roofing tile specials (10 000 units per day), a line that will complete the one with tunnel dryers and mono layer kiln. It comprises a chamber kiln (shuttle kiln) containing eight cars with U setters and an automatic loading/unloading system for the kiln cars. The supply also includes two new pre-kilns (one for the mono-layer kiln and one for the chamber kiln) for pre-heating the products before they are fired and an automatic handling system for the kiln cars.

Bedeschi S.p.A


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