Beralmar concludes first project manufactured completely in India

Just few months ago, Beral­mar launched a project to manufacture solid fuel (biomass, coal, petcoke, etc.) burner groups in India. The goal was to improve existing BTK and Hoffmann kilns, which are currently fuelled manually, to obtain the following benefits:

Fuel savings, Control of firing temperature, Increased oxygenation of the firing process and associated increase in production, Reduction in the reject product quota

The project is based on Beralmar’s GQS/82 groups, manufactured entirely in India and adapted to the specifications of the Hoffmann and, especially, the BTK kilns. These Beralmar sets manufactured in India are commercially known as Agni.

In April the first Agni groups were implemented, successfully firing a Hoffmann kiln with coal at the MBW ceramics plant in Kolar, near Bangalore (Karnataka). Production has increased from 40 to 70 t per day, and the quality of the final product has improved considerably.

Beralmar Tecnologic S.A.


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