Improved sound insulation for brick buildings

Brick and Tile Industry publishes new brochure on  sound insulation

Sound insulation has been verified in compliance with the regulations in the DIN 4109 series of standards since 2016. The Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry is supporting engineers in their work on architectural acoustics design with its new brochure “Baulicher Schallschutz nach DIN 4109 – Schallschutz mit Ziegeln” (DIN-4109-Compliant Sound Insulation in Buildings – Sound Insulation with Bricks).

In this completely revised edition, the standard design method in compliance with the DIN 4109 series of standards for forecasting the sound insulation of brick buildings is explained in detail. The various standard sound insulation levels for minimum sound insulation in accordance with DIN 4109-1 and increased sound insulation in accordance with DIN 4109-5 are compared and recommendations are given on defining architectural acoustic requirements.

Using the free architectural acoustics software module Schall 4.0 (, the authors reference numerous design examples to show how sound insulation is verified for partition elements in solid-built buildings with exterior walls built with monolithic high-precision vertically perforated clay blocks for high thermal insulation and solid brick interior walls. They also prove that for brick buildings in compliance with the safety level required by the standard, increased sound insulation in compliance with DIN 4109-5 can be reliably verified for partition walls and floors in apartment blocks as well as for double-leaf house partition walls for semi-detached and terraced houses. Moreover, verification for insulation against exterior noise is described in detail.


Indispensable reference

The brochure provides a compact and understandable overview of the architectural acoustic forecast methods in the DIN 4109 series of standards valid since 2016. Described in detail is the verification of solid-built buildings with monolithic high-thermal-insulation exterior wall bricks with application of test values for the tested sound reduction indices of the construction methods used.

The brochure “Baulicher Schallschutz nach DIN 4109 – Schallschutz mit Ziegeln” (DIN-4109-Compliant Sound Insulation in Buildings – Sound Insulation with Bricks) is available for download at


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