Darya Ivanova M. Sc. and Lars Etscheid M. Sc.

Generation of a numerical simulation model for determining the sound insulation of vertical-core bricks

A numerical model for determining the sound transmission of vertical-core bricks is described. The effects of different material parameters on the numerically calculated sound insulation of a partition wall made of vertical-core bricks were investigated by way of a basic simulation model. The results of the simulation show relatively good agreement between numerically calculated and metrologically determined sound reduction indices.

1 Introduction

Along with good thermal insulation, high-level sound insulation counts among the more important criteria for high-quality, sustainable building materials [1–3]. In field practice, the sound insulation of structural elements made of vertical-core bricks is usually evaluated on the basis of metrological test data. That, however, involves high expenditures of time and money, particularly for the development of new vertical-core brick models.

Highly performant simulation tools now belong to the general state-of-the-art repertoire in the field of research and development. Numerical...