4 to 5 September 2020, Hofstetten near Brienz, Switzerland

Brick and tile meeting at the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

In 2020 bricks will be fired for the first time at the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg in the large shaft kiln of the tilery from Péry BE, dating from 1762 – a unique experiment in Europe. The firing will be accompanied by a meeting, aimed at experts from the museum, heritage conservation, craft and research sectors as well as interested visitors to Ballenberg. The Ballenberg team is seeking an exchange of ideas and will also document the firing and the contributions to the meeting in a scientific publication.

The following topics will be covered:

Traditional brick and tile craft in museum communication

Fire – Progress reports on firing bricks

Translocating the tilery from Péry BE

Roofscapes: challenges for monument conservation and open-air museums

Swiss Open-Air Museum | Freilichtmuseum der Schweiz


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