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Bedeschi’s new project for Mladost Group

The Mladost Group, a major producer of construction materials in Serbia, is continuing its collaboration with Bedeschi S.p.A. Mladost’s wide range of products includes roofing tiles and large-size...


Witgert commissions new raw materials hall

Arno Witgert has been mining clay since 1820, making it one of the oldest clay mining companies still in operation in the Westerwald region. In recent decades, emphasis has centred on processing...



Learning new things

In this issue, we have again brought together some exciting topics from the brick and tile industry.We inform you about a research project in which multi-curved brick shells are constructed from flat ...


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Dr. Markus Schießl †

At the age of just 57 years, Dr. Markus Schiessl, BMI Group, died suddenly and unexpectedly in the night from 7 to 8 October 2019.Dr. Markus Schiessl had been with the company for more than 25 years,...


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4 to 5 September 2020, Hofstetten near Brienz, Switzerland

Brick and tile meeting at the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

In 2020 bricks will be fired for the first time at the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg in the large shaft kiln of the tilery from Péry BE, dating from 1762 – a unique experiment in Europe. The firing will...


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Effective dryer control

Non-destructive moisture measurement systems work from the surface to determine moisture content. As a result, the water content of near-sensor layers has the strongest influence on the delivered...


Fatal errors – lessons from the cockpit

Organizations have to contend with diverse sources of error, any of which may have catastrophic impacts under an adverse set of conditions. If such errors are to be recognized and their causes...