Vandersanden takes over Blomesche Wildnis and becomes majority shareholder at St. Joris

The internationally operating family business Vandersanden Group has acquired its Northern Germany industry partner Ziegelwerk Blomesche Wildnis.

Jean-Pierre Wuytack, CEO of the Vandersanden Group, commented: “We are honoured to continue the life work of Heinrich Pollmann and his predecessors.” The German brickworks will be incorporated into an organization with which it already has a lot in common: both companies are family businesses that have been passed from generation to generation and both are equally committed to sustainable production, craftsmanship and innovation.

Heinrich Pollmann took over management of Ziegelwerk Blomesche Wildnis in 1973 and has led the business to this day. Mr Pollmann modernized the brick plant with investments in more sustainable tunnel ovens while consistently safeguarding the business‘ defining craftsmanship. Ziegelwerk Blomesche Wildnis enjoys an excellent reputation within the construction sector for its extensive expertise and innovations in firing techniques. For example, its artisan water-struck and extrusion press products are finished with unique, often shimmering colours and structures. The brickworks produces 6 to 7 mill. bricks each year. The acquisition includes agreement of continued employment for the full workforce.

St. Joris – specialist in glazed bricks

Moreover, the Vandersanden Group has bought a majority shareholding in St. Joris Keramische Industrie and will officially become the majority shareholder as of 1 January 2020.

  The ceramic specialities company will continue to operate independently, with a future that is guaranteed for current employees. The range of products will also remain the same.

The traditional brick manufacturer St. Joris is located in the province of Limburg, Holland. It is a European reference for high-quality glazed bricks in various types, colours and shapes. Over the course of almost a century, the company has built up worldwide expertise in the manufacturing of ceramic specialities on the basis of Westerwald clay. Both the bricks and the glazes are manufactured in-house.



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