Vandersanden: Rudi Peeters succeeds Jean-Pierre Wuytack as CEO

After a career spanning 40 years, Jean-Pierre Wuytack will retire as CEO of brick manufacturer, Vandersanden, later this year. Rudi Peeters, currently CIO (Chief Information Officer) at KBC Bank in Belgium, will succeed Wuytack as CEO from 1 October 2021. Under Peeters’ leadership, Vandersanden aims to further accelerate its leading role in the sector in terms of innovation and sustainability. With Rudi Peeters, an external CEO will, for the first time, be at the helm of the family business. However, the Vandersanden family remains closely involved with the company, including through the Board of Directors and the family council.


From local player to European market leader

Jean-Pierre Wuytack has headed the family business for 33 years. He has advanced Vandersanden from local player to a European leader in the brick sector. Thanks to Wuytack, the company has also established itself as a pioneer in the field of innovation and sustainability. As son-in-law of Constant Vandersanden, son of founder Jaak Vandersanden, Wuytack has also safeguarded the culture of the family business.

With the arrival of Rudi Peeters, Vandersanden will continue to build on the strengths of the family business, but also set other priorities. “The family nature of Vandersanden and its focus on sustainability and innovation really appeal to me. I am, therefore, especially proud to continue the work of Jean-Pierre Wuytack. If we succeed in realizing his ambitions and the strategic goals of Vandersanden, we will have laid a foundation stone that will influence industrial development,” concludes Rudi Peeters.


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