Efficiency potential in compressed air systems

You get used to recurring faults, e.g. underpressure, in compressed air systems. The actual energy requirement is not really tangible in comparison to the physical optimum, and manufacturers and suppliers are often not interested in a sustainable improvement.

After more than 12 years of working in the compressed air sector, the speaker, a freelance, consulting engineer, would like to provide the necessary transparency and suggest ideas for sustainable improvements, without any obligation to a particular manufacturer. The talk provides an overview of the potential for improving efficiency in compressed air systems. The “Smart Report“ approach and tools for analysis of the system and the step-by-step implementation of the improvement measures are described within the framework of energy management. With a reference to an example from the field, the influence of the integrated improvement on the required investments and resulting maintenance and energy requirement is pointed out.

Christian Peters, A und O Energieoptimierung, Ingenieurbüro für Energieeffizienz und Prozessoptimierung, Lüdinghausen


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