Lücking celebrates its 120th founding anniversary

On September 20, 2019, some 180 construction contractors and building material suppliers converged in Warburg-Bonenburg to celebrate Lücking’s 120th company anniversary. The event started off with guided tours of the brickyard and the precast concrete plant in small groups.

On behalf of the management, Joachim Thater bade the numerous guests a hearty welcome and happily explained the generation change that took place at Lücking this year: Theresa and Richard Lemke joined the management team at the beginning of 2019 and are now representing the company’s 5th managerial generation.

Following the welcoming address, Dr. Dieter Figge gave a lecture on prefabricated brickwork construction.

The next item on the agenda was an on-site practical demonstration. Managing director Stephan Böddeker moderated the demonstration of how completely prefabricated brick walls are assembled to yield Lücking’s newly launched brick element in the form of a wall panel made of high-precision clay masonry units. Such prefabricated brick elements are bound to help alleviate today’s shortage of skilled labor for construction projects by relocating the “manual masonry” of entire walls to the factory. With the aid of semi-automatic machines, the walls are produced in the factory hall and then – like precast concrete elements – delivered to the construction site. This way, the contractor can implement more construction tasks in less time with fewer personnel.

The program closed out with a Flying Dinner in convivial atmosphere at the company’s own lakeside “Haus am See”.

Future perspectives

In addition to the continued development of new products, various internal processes are to be optimized in the time to come. The networking of production facilities, the Internet of Things and big data analytics will be drawn on to facilitate those ends. BIM (building information modeling) is also on the agenda for creating digital clones of the respective products. Thus, even many years down the line, it can still be known what was installed to which specifications.

A new administration building in Bonenburg, the construction of which commenced in October 2019, is slated to house Lücking’s administration department when it moves there from Paderborn in the third quarter of 2020.

August Lücking GmbH & Co. KG

Facts and figures

This year, August Lücking GmbH & Co. KG can look back on an impressive 120-year company history. The company first emerged from an agricultural enterprise in 1899. After World War I, the company began producing concrete goods in Paderborn. The clay roofing factory in Bonenburg was purchased in 1962 and eventually converted into a clay brick factory. Precast concrete elements came into production in Bonenburg in 1986. Since that time, all production facilities have been systematically expanded from year to year.

The plant in Warburg-Bonenburg has a total of 170 employees. The company’s annual output consists of 200 000 m³ clay bricks, 300 000 m² precast concrete floor slabs, 50 000 m² prefabricated walling products and diverse special-purpose precast concrete elements (balconies, upstands, …). Roughly 50 % of the products are delivered by the company’s own rolling stock.

For decades already, Lücking has been focusing on the environment and climate protection.

In 2019, the company invested € 1 million for revamping its airborne emission control arrangements to include regenerative thermal oxidation, thus bringing everything up to state-of-the-art status.


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