Measurement and numerical analyses of the acoustic behaviour of vertically perforated bricks

At the Brick and Tile Research Institute in Essen, a numerical and two-dimensional simulation model was developed on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 10140 series of standards. The objective was to analyse the acoustic behaviour of building elements constructed with vertically perforated bricks as well as to enable estimation of the effectiveness and functionality of newly developed perforation patterns. Parallel to this, different material parameters of the brick material were determined by means of measurement, which are used as input parameters in the numerical calculations. With various parameter studies, the model was verified and then compared with measured values. Results of empirically and numerically conducted modal analyses on individual vertically perforated bricks are used in the assessment and further development of the model.

Lars Etscheid M. Sc., Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen e.V., Essen


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