BImSchG – Legally compliant company organization

Executives such as managers, managing directors or board members are responsible for employer and operator obligations being met in companies and at production sites (e.g. § 52 b BImSchG – Germany’s Federal Immission Control Act). The responsibilities, competences and duties for this must be generally delegated and controlled.

The plethora of legal and standard regulations with the requirements stipulated there makes it almost impossible for companies, without intensive specialist support and efficient information-related tools, to keep up to date with these requirements, implement them in the form of operative and sustainable actions as well as to monitor and optimize the level of compliance.

The talk shows clearly – in a concise way – the complexity of the legal requirements with reference to “Immission control” and the strategic procedure for identification of the relevant statutory and standards-defined requirements as well as for practical support of legally compliant company organizations with an exemplary information-related tool.

Dr. Hans J. Keller, ProVis Gesellschaft für Umweltmanagement und Unternehmensethik GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen


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