Dr. Markus Schießl †

At the age of just 57 years, Dr. Markus Schiessl, BMI Group, died suddenly and unexpectedly in the night from 7 to 8 October 2019.

Dr. Markus Schiessl had been with the company for more than 25 years, most recently as head of quality and production support responsible for the roofing tile plants in Hainstadt, Obergräfenhain, Karstädt and Heisterholz. He began his career in 1994 at what was then RuppKeramik as manager of the Department of Material Technology and Quality Assurance and then held various positions in quality management of the Group’s German companies.

Markus Schiessl also represented the group on numerous panels and standards committees in the industry. With the death of Markus Schiessl, we are all losing a highly esteemed colleague who excelled with his unique knowledge of roofing tiles and the standardization of products. Markus Schiessl also had a crucial influence on the work of the roofing tile committee in respect of product and test standardization. As chairman of the DIN standards committee, he significantly ensured that the interests of the German roofing tile industry have been articulated and have received due attention in Europe, too. His professional expertise was recognized and valued beyond national borders.

We are all losing with the death of Dr. Markus Schiessl a unique and sensitive colleague with temperament who was held in personal esteem. We shall greatly miss his committed and professionally extremely valuable comments.


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