Successful into the future with imaginative development partners

With a view to the requirements for floors and supports according to DIN 10453, DIN 4045 and DIN 18530, the basic idea evolved for a brick with two different perforation patterns. A floor does not generally lie completely over the entire wall thickness, but only to a certain extent on top of the wall. Accordingly, within a brick, different requirements result in respect of compressive strength and thermal insulation. The combination brick combines these two properties with each other. In this connection, what ZMB Braun has realized so far in cooperation with partners from the brick industry is presented in the first part of the talk.

In the production of ceramic façade or floor tiles, extrusion widths of around 300 to 600 mm are the current standard. However, the desire for larger products is growing. So new ideas are needed for the successful extrusion of products in a width of around 900 to 1200 mm. ZMB Braun will also be reporting on successful developments for such products, too.

Christof Müller, ZMB Braun GmbH, Friedrichshafen


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