New service by Münstermann

Burner maintenance service for drying plant and thermprocess systems

Regular inspection and maintenance improves the reliability of production equipment. Indeed, some inspections, like those of gas burners, are even legally prescribed. Consequently, the burners of drying plant and thermprocess systems should be inspected at yearly intervals to ensure reliable, optimized production. Moreover, periodically serviced,  optimally adjusted burners reduce operating costs and, ultimately, help protect the environment.

Münstermann, a leading German producer of thermprocessing equipment, is now offering a new inspection and maintenance service for gas burners in production systems, in particular for drying plant and thermprocessing systems. Each time around, a detailed, separate post-inspection report is prepared for each different system and handed over to the customer. If necessary, an offer for recommended spare parts is attached to the report. All such inspections are performed by Münstermann’s own, specially trained technical personnel. Afterwards, a service technician meets with the customer for a final discussion of the findings.


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