Pulse burners – for uniform kiln-profile quality and lower gas consumption

One of the main requirements for industrial production methods is to turn out products with reproducible physical quality parameters. For ceramic products, the essential parameters are strength, water absorbency, frost resistance, colour, dimensional accuracy, etc. All these physical qualities form and develop during ceramic firing. The firing process is therefore expected to provide reproducible conditions in terms of temperature equilibrium and atmospheric composition. This contribution describes ways and means of achieving these goals.

1 Homogeneity of firing

There are diverse ways and means of achieving a homogeneous temperature-atmosphere continuum in a tunnel kiln firing process:
a) Design of the combustion system to satisfy the thermal and atmospheric criteria:
› directional flame pattern in the main firing zone
› high-speed burners for generating turbulence at burner outlet velocities up to 200 m/s
› use of edge-slit burners in parts of the kiln situated outside of the main firing zone or which have an elevated heat requirement
b) Provide flue gas circulation with fans for homogenizing the kiln‘s atmosphere and temperature

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