Ceratec revamps a high-capacity brick plant for Kat company

A few years ago, Kat company bought a new high-capacity brick plant (1200 t/a), which had been installed near Kirkuk by a neighbouring country. Kat company in Kurdistan is active in different fields, but mainly in petrol refining. As the plant had never reached the required capacity and quality, Kat company contacted Ceratec and after several meetings and a visit to the Ceratec workshop, Kat company requested that Ceratec analyse the existing situation and come up with a solution guaranteeing continuous production of top-quality products. Ceratec proposed the following interventions:

Replacement of all the existing handling equipment on the wet product side (from the extruder die ­onwards) feeding the two existing rapid dryers

Re-engineering of the ­operating principle of the existing rapid dryers, and the supply of new fans and hot air generators with heat exchangers using heavy oil

Supply of all the handling equipment for the dry products, including a fully automatic setting machine for the kiln cars

Replacement of the existing firing groups in the tunnel kiln with new and more efficient firing groups using heavy oil, in order to reduce pollution and consumption, and to increase the quality of firing

Kat company chose to go ahead with all the improvements proposed by Ceratec, because it was quite impressed with:

Ceratec’s long experience in the heavy clay industry, based on the state-of-the-art brickworks built by the Ceratec group

Ceratec’s willingness to share its expertise with “newcomers” on the market

Continuous research on innovative heavy clay building materials and ways to produce them

The quality and reliability of the Ceratec equipment

Ceratec’s revamping of existing plants and realization of creative solutions to complex problems

All new or revamped equipment was installed and started up within a very short time frame, thanks to very good cooperation with the local technical staff.

Ceratec SA I NV


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