Diapason Premium – the new integrated control and supervision software package

In an industrial environment where operating and ­financial performance issues are becoming increasingly strategic, Ceric is launching an innovative and highly efficient product on the market: Diapason Premium. Its various modules enable a new vision of a heavy clay manufacturing plant and contribute to achieving optimum efficiency of industrial facilities in all its aspects.

1 Introduction

In 2012, the Belgian group Etex commissioned Ceric to build a Casing kiln for its Kos‘ cian plant (Poland). The brickworks was built on a greenfield site with a production capacity of 30 mill. large-size roofing tiles (10 tiles/m2), which are fired on H-setters. Following the successful realization of this project, roofing tiles and accessories can be fired with excellent quality and very low energy consumption. With a channel width of over 10 m, this Casing kiln is the largest ever built by Ceric. This kiln includes the latest equipment developed by Ceric Technologies such as...

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