Equipceramic supplies fourth cutter with chamfering device to Russia

Sibirskiy Element, a company based in Krasnoyarsk, Central Russia, has concluded an agreement with Equipceramic for the supply of a new cutter line as well as dryer car loading/unloading equipment.

Sibirskiy Element is updating its facilities to meet the new market requirements for higher-quality products. Equipceramic has installed a new cutter for blocks and a second cutter with chamfering device for perforated and solid bricks, which is fully automated with a capacity of nine strokes per minute and equipped with an easy-change wire-holder frame, which significantly facilitates maintenance work.

Equipceramic’s scope of supply also includes both loading and unloading equipment for dryer cars, which has been adapted to the dryer cars already used by Sibirskiy Element at its plant.

With this new cutter, the fourth of its type that Equipceramic has supplied to Russia, Sibirskiy Element is now equipped to ensure quality-driven production.


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