New cutter with chamfering device from Equipceramic

Equipceramic presents a new cutter that impresses with its easy handling and uncomplicated change of product format. The length of the clay column can range between 1 200 and 2 500 mm, and standard formats for ­facing bricks can be cut. Key features of the cutter are:

› Bricks and pavers are chamfered by means of three sets of brass disks

› Brick bases can be deburred with disks or knives to remove all clay burrs

› The clay column as well as cut bricks are moved on brass sheets in order to reduce friction

› Double travelling cutting frame

› Travelling frame with grooving rolls to ease maintenance

› Wire cleaning device

› Air compressed injectors, for dedusting

The clay column is moved into the cutter by a PVC belt driven by power-operated equipment. A side pusher is used to line up and introduce the clay column to the brass cutting table in order to perform the upper and lower chamfer. In order to get perfect alignment between notches and cutting wires, the chamfering mechanism operates while the clay column is being lifted, just before cutting. Furthermore, the cutting wires slope in order to improve their penetration into the clay body. The penetration depth as well as the position of all grooving rolls and knifes can be adjusted to adapt to different chamfer sizes and formats. The cutting machine is equipped with an automatic system for cleaning cutting wires, always ensuring a clean cut.

Cut bricks are moved by means of a pusher to the admission belt where the upper chamfer can be performed to obtain the best finished format. As a result, the edges of the product are perfectly chamfered so the unit has the correct dimensions to be a quality brick.

One of the main features of this new equipment is the double travelling cutting frame. Thanks to this frame, in the event of wire ­breakage, cutting wires can be automatically changed and they can be replaced without stopping the production process.


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