Switzerland: Brickworks Museum Hagendorn/Cham

Exhibition Brick 20 and installation Clinking Carpet of Shards

The Brickworks Museum Hagendorn/Cham in Switzerland presents the exhibition Brick 20 until 23 October 2022, featuring outstanding brick architecture worldwide, as well as the installation Clinking Shard Carpet in the historic chamber kiln of the brickworks.


Brick 20

The Brick Award offers architects from all over the world the opportunity to present contemporary, innovative brick architecture to a wide audience. The winners of the five categories, as well as other outstanding projects, will be shown in the special exhibition “Brick 20”. Innovative design and architectural concepts, skilful and innovative use of brick ceramics as well as architectural quality in terms of aesthetics, form and design await the visitors.


Clinking shard carpet

At the beginning of all earthly existence was clay: the Big Bang. At the beginning of all human culture was clay – the first raw material extracted –and with it the creation myth, fire, the potter’s wheel, the wheel, storage, sedentarism, architecture, the design of living space.

The production and modulation of sounds and the modelling of earthenware are skills that are anchored in every culture on every continent. The artist duo ‘TONundTON’ synthesises these two themes under the title “Klang der Scherbenteppich” in the chamber kiln of the Ziegelhütte, the place of fire.


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