Fire protection with brick masonry –
current developments

For more than 15 years now, fire resistance testing of masonry walls and columns has been conducted in accordance with DIN EN 1365. The paper recapitulates recent findings of relevance.

Such walls are classified in accordance with European classification standard DIN EN 13501-2. Revised just this year, this standard governs the extended application of test findings in accordance with DIN EN 1365 for evaluation pursuant to the extrapolation standards DIN EN 15080-12 and DIN EN 15254-2 for load-bearing masonry walls and non load-bearing masonry walls, respectively. The relevant procedure is explained, and a look ahead is taken with respect to the future fire-protection classification of innovative masonry products in the light of consequences stemming from decision C100/13 by the European Court of Justice.

Dr.-Ing. Udo Meyer, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mauerziegel


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