Fire protection with clay unit masonry: European standardization – new fire tests

With the promulgation of DIN EN 1996-1-2/NA (national annex), the Eurocode 6 of standards pertaining to masonry construction is now complete. A few months can be expected to pass before its official introduction is effected. The – limited – scope of changes made are explained in this contribution.

1 Introduction

Clay unit masonry is implemented primarily in accordance with pertinent national technical approvals. In the future, the European classifications are, at least initially, to be incorporated into the technical approvals, hence applying in parallel with the familiar German provisions. Over the past few months, approved bricks were subjected a series of positive fire tests, as explained below.

Germany‘s 16 regional building codes specify the fire protection requirements for building elements. Depending on the scope of application, and differentiated according to building classes (»Ta...

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