Jürgen Habenbacher

Going digital is the only way to stay successful

Increasing productivity, reducing costs and completing projects on time – the benefits of digitalization in the construction industry are obvious. But these are offset by a wide range of reasons that impede its systematic implementation, in producing, planning as well as building firms. And not least because many firms are preferring to work through the numerous incoming orders than to push ahead with digitalization.

For Wienerberger as a manufacturer of clay construction products, the challenge is primarily to design the process to be highly efficient from the first customer contact to conclusion of a project. New opportunities must be used in approaching and supporting potential customers in future, and handling business with market partners must be made easier and more reliable.

1 Digitalizing processes

Bricks are some of the oldest building materials we know. As the requirements for sound insulation, fire protection and thermal insulation as well as installation of these products have been steadily...

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