Housing construction with clay bricks – low cost, fast and safe

In recent years, the impact of the current financial crisis has led to shifts in the capital markets. Consequently, land and property prices have reached previously inconceivable levels with apartment rents following suit. As a consequence of a misguided housing construction policy lasting over several decades, a deficit of much needed housing now has to be made up within a short time. The unexpected, strong influx of refugees to Germany in 2015 has increased demand even further. Especially in the bigger towns and cities there is a severe shortage of suitable housing. Social dynamite that has led to intense public debate. Who is responsible for the ever rising prices and how can we combat this phenomenon? How will it be possible to build low-cost affordable housing – especially for low to medium incomes – and yet maintain the acceptable quality standards? Serial construction with prefabricated building elements is often proposed as a solution. Modular construction is frequently also mentioned at this point. Both are long-established approaches that have not always contributed to building culture in the past. What potential can clay brick construction offer in this context?

Michael Pröll, Ziegel Zentrum Süd, Munich


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