24 to 28 September 2018, Rimini, Italy

GreenTech, the new Tecnargilla‘s “green“ section

Tecnargilla 2018 will introduce GreenTech, the new exhibition section dedicated to green technologies and products aimed at reducing consumption and emissions and improving production cycle performance and profitability.

The extremely significant results obtained in recent years by ceramic companies in these terms demonstrate how the focus on this theme has increased exponentially: today’s technology can already greatly reduce water use as well as the use of cardboard for packaging.

Moreover, more and more sophisticated cogeneration systems, fume cleaning systems and systems recovering heat generated by kilns and driers guarantee significant competitive, environmental and economic advantages.

Energy Efficiency

The topic of energy and water saving and efficiency is becoming increasingly important in the ceramic industry all over the world.

Systems and technologies incorporating innovation in terms of performance, reliability and productivity can improve the energy efficiency of the production cycle and reduce production costs. GreenTech will present significant innovations and technical solutions and will also host in-depth discussions on the major issues for the ceramics industry regarding energy certification and corporate obligations in terms of auditing and monitoring, financing and incentives.

Reducing waste and emissions

The significant results obtained in recent years by ceramic companies in improving and reducing emissions (in the atmosphere, water, etc.) demonstrate how the sector‘s focus on new technologies remains strong, embracing the entire production cycle (from the now “zero consumption“ in terms of water use to the greatly reduced use of cardboard for packaging).

And cutting-edge solutions can be seen in the “historical“ issue of atmospheric emissions, too. Simply take a look at the results that are being achieved in terms of SOV emissions and good practice in odour emission reduction.

GreenTech will present significant innovations and relevant technical solutions, including those related to the investigation and monitoring of emissions.

Circular Economy

Increasingly, the ceramic industry is promoting a circular economy for some types of waste, making ceramics more competitive, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

New European regulations are encouraging and pushing industries towards a Green and Circular Economy, in which “reuse“ and “preparation for use“ are the buzzwords in reducing environmental impact. The goal is for materials to be reused in significant quantities, and to develop a new concept of ceramics through the replacement of a greater quantity of natural raw materials with materials coming from the same production cycle.

On this aspect, ceramics has always been at the forefront of the various production sectors, and today there are new and increasingly incisive technologies (new systems, for example, for the recovery of raw materials from cutting and squaring).

GreenTech will host dedicated conferences, which will examine in depth the various aspects of the recovery of raw materials in the ceramic industry and will present the major innovations in the green and circular economy.



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