Strategic expansion

Leipfinger-Bader takes over Tonality GmbH

Ziegelwerke Leipfinger-Bader in Vatersdorf has acquired 100 % of the shares in the façade tile manufacturer Tonality in Weroth, which until the end of 2017 still operated on the market as Creaton‘s „Façade” division. With the acquisition of the export heavyweight Tonality GmbH, Leipfinger-Bader, a family-owned company in Southern Germany, is aiming to strategically expand its business areas and at the same time is expanding its ceramic product range.

Synergies for the construction industry

In 1999 Creaton AG presented its „Tonality“ product range for ceramic façade design. In 2004, the Weroth plant in Germany’s Westerwald region was specially expanded to become the „competence centre for premium ceramics products“ and presented as the new „Façade” division“ of the roofing tile manufacturer. Since then, production has increasingly concentrated on high-quality tile solutions for rear-ventilated façades. In December 2017, Creaton parted with this business unit and sold it as the newly founded Tonality GmbH to Siavash Djamali and Farrokh Sabokrouh, who were already working for the company. At the beginning of March 2020, Leipfinger-Bader acquired 100 % of the shares in Tonality GmbH.

The acquisition promises many advantages in the market and enables synergies for the construction industry. In addition to its broad and individual façade tile range, the company also manufactures ceramic privacy and sun protection elements. A special feature of the product portfolio are also mechanical, invisible fastening systems, which also permit unusual design ideas such as curves and allow the mixing of different format heights without any problems.

Independence and security

With the acquisition of Tonality, Leipfinger-Bader is pressing ahead with its dynamic company development. „Tonality tile products are mainly sold to other countries, giving us access to international markets. This allows us to better compensate for fluctuations in the German construction market. At the same time, however, we are operating in a business segment in which we can effectively contribute and expand our traditional core competences in ceramics and masonry,“ says company boss Thomas Bader. In addition, the company sees product development in Weroth as a convincing proposition and expects highly innovative approaches to be developed there. In return, the takeover creates strategic security for Tonality and its employees. Against this background, all of the around 35 employees in Weroth will be taken over.

Leipfinger-Bader KG


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