On course for growth

Leipfinger Bader plans multimillion investments in 2017

The family-owned company Leipfinger Bader is looking ahead optimistically in 2017 and has announced multimillion investments.

A total of € 8.3 mill. are to be channelled into the three company sites in Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate – with the objective of further improving the production of high-thermal-insulation Unipor clay masonry blocks. The highlight will be a specially developed recycling plant at the Puttenhausen site.

Up to now, the Coriso masonry blocks have been filled with Mineral insulating material at a special installation in Puttenhausen. Thanks to a new filling unit, this will also be possible in Vatersdorf too. This will increase production capacity.

At the Schönlind Brickworks, Leipfinger Bader has also taken over a production line for beam encasing elements, which are used for optimum embedding of storey ceiling slabs. Moreover, the Schönlind Brickworks has been comprehensively modernized since the takeover in 2014. Besides the installation of a grinding and unloading system, Leipfinger Bader envisages the installation of a photovoltaic system to increase utilization of renewable energies. Such a solar park has already been in operation at the Vatersdorf plant site since 2013.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

One of the most important projects in the year 2017 is the building of a recycling plant in Puttenhausen. With this project, the clay brick manufacturer is embarking on a venture that could change the industry permanently: “We are the first company to offer total recycling for the building material ‘clay brick’. This will enable a completely closed and environment-conserving raw materials cycle”, explains owner Thomas Bader. On the verge of completion is also the switchover at the company headquarters to an environment-friendly and reliable energy supply with natural gas.

Leipfinger Bader KG Ziegelwerke


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