Marcheluzzo Impianti focussing on North Africa in 2014

Having installed and started up two integrated high-capacity plants in South America, Marcheluzzo is now focussing on the North African market. The Italian plant engineering company is modernizing several plants in Algeria with the aim of significantly improving their competitiveness on the international market through the installation of state-of-the-art developments.

Projects in Algeria

At the Batimatec Exhibition in Algiers, a visit was organized to the Tizi Ceramic plant for any Algerian clay brick and roofing tile manufacturers interested in the equipment supplied by Marcheluzzo. At the plant managed by Ahmid Benachir and Hocine Benhamadi, the visitors were able to see first-hand the innovative solutions from Marcheluzzo Impianti. Tizi Ceramic has recently contracted Marcheluzzo Impianti to supply a new off-loading line for types B8 and B12 fired hollow blocks and ceiling blocks, which are strapped in packs for direct loading on trucks without pallets.

Marcheluzzo is also modifying and updating the Rachmouni plant in El Khemis-Meliana. This family-run company awarded Marcheluzzo Impianti the contract for modernization of the entire plant. To increase the capacity of the kiln and rapid dryer, a new heat recovery system with a thermal chamber has been installed, which is equipped with direct injection gas burners. In addition, new handling lines in the cutting area, loading lines for two Anjou dryers, setting machine, off-loading line and new packaging system have been supplied.

At the Briqueterie d’Atlas brickworks, Marcheluzzo was contracted by the owner family Nadjoui to renew the entire automatic handling lines from the extruder to finished ready-to-dispatch packs.

The owners of the Briqueterie Sotbaf also contracted Marcheluzzo Impianti in 2012 to update their factory with regard to the loading/off-loading system for the dryer and the setting machine. The project has since been extended to include the supply of off-loading lines for fired products and a direct packaging line without the use of pallets.

Marcheluzzo is also upgrading the tunnel dryer at the Cbtba 2 plant managed by Mourad Ferradji. This is being equipped with a new internal ventilation group and an automatic control system for continuous monitoring and production control so as to further improve product quality.

The Bouras Group, which in August 2012 started up production of large-size clay roofing tiles at Plant No. 5 built by Marcheluzzo, has now given the green light to commission the brick making line that was realized, installed and tested by Marcheluzzo in a very short time and with no problems.

Other activities in North Africa

Another key market for Marcheluzzo is Tunisia. At the Sobrida plant owned by the Daoud family, a new kiln setting system, an off-loading line for the fired products, and a packaging line are being installed. The latter is equipped with automatic strapping. With this system, various pack types can be put together without the use of pallets.

These selected examples of the some of Marcheluzzo Impianti’s latest projects underline the importance of the supplier as a popular and valued partner for roofing tile and masonry brick manufacturers in North Africa. The brick producers in this region are investing in turn-key integrated plants and the modernization of existing plants to minimize manual work and prepare themselves to meet the future requirements of the market with regard to energy and resource consumption. Other supply contracts for the North African market are set to be signed soon.


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