Marcheluzzo Impianti with strong presence in the Maghreb

The Maghreb is growing in importance for Marcheluzzo Impianti. In 2015, the commitment of the Italian family-owned company to this region paid off with the installation of some of the key brick plants in Algeria. New plants were installed and existing plants modernized. Some of these projects are on the verge of completion and commissioning.

One pillar of this success is the company’s philosophy. Marcheluzzo plans the installations so that they are ideally adapted to the raw materials available and the production requirements in the Maghreb. The set-up of a locally based organization in order to support customers with skilled technicians and qualified engineers has been very well received. This enables Marcheluzzo Impianti to offer the market technical support in the erection and commissioning of plants as well as with comprehensive training of the operatives assigned to operate the production plants in future.

The following references testify to the importance of the Italian plant supplier in this region:

SARL DPR Axxam Smaoune, Bedjaia, Algeria: Integrated production plant (140 000 t hollow blocks per year)

The centrally prepared raw materials are intermediately stored in a clay storage facility filled with a shovel loader. The automated handling lines are designed with a mix of robotics and traditional technologies. A new DT7 semi-rapid dryer and a traditionally designed kiln, which boasts high efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to its insulation, complete this plant. The same insulation system is also used in the kiln cars. The plant equipment was installed in an existing building, which previously only housed the clay preparation station. All the machines have been placed on their foundations and wire-connected. Start-up is scheduled following some last checks.

Briqueterie Daoud Sobrida SARL, Nabeul, Tunisia: Supply of a part unit (175 000 t hollow and ceiling blocks as well as floor tiles per year)

The client ordered an off-setting line for its Anjou dryer, complete with programming unit and setting machine. This is equipped with a rotating gripper with the latest closing system permitting control of the pressure exerted on the dried products so as to avoid any product damage. The complete off-loading line has now become a standard solution as dozens of similar lines have already been supplied and tested. The finished packs are strapped into modules in the size 1.2 x 1.2 m and stacked to enable loading with a forklift. This plant has been completed and undergone final checks.

El Afaq 1 plant for the Bouras-Group, Setif, Algeria: Part-modernization (150 000 t hollow blocks per year)

This plant was built in the 1990s and remained in operation without interruption until December 2013. Marcheluzzo had originally supplied the automatic line, which had been installed and started up by the customer. The line, which was still in operation, was inspected and overhauled, and some new features were added. For example, a larger cutting line with movable wire cutter was installed so that a multi-exit extruder can be used. The programming line of the setting machine was replaced with a new standard installation from Marcheluzzo, which works with a system based on chains and conveyors. Other parts of the plant have been revamped, including with more efficient and innovative control solutions. Marcheluzzo Impianti’s technical team has already started up the plant and provided appropriate on-site training for the operatives to ensure a consistent output of high-quality products. Plant sales have been significantly improved.

SARL Sadja Ctaiebo, Oran, Algeria: Full plant revamp (200 000 t hollow blocks per year)

Here the entire technical process was overhauled to keep pace with increased production requirements and ensure a continuous and stable output level. The blocks are dried in an Anjou dryer and fired in a tunnel kiln, in which any damaged sections have been rebuilt. The most innovative solutions include the introduction of robot technology in the setting station and kiln-car off-loading. The finished packs are strapped into modules measuring 1.2 x 1.2 m. Different heights are possible depending on market demands and the requirements of the forklifts for truck loading. The plant is now ready for commissioning.

SARL Briqueterie DBK MAT, Tizi Ouzou, Algeria: Part plant modernization (200 000 t per year)

The automatic handling lines from the extruder exit to loading of the Anjou dryer were completely replaced in a very short space of time. At the dryer exit, on customer request, an innovative solution was installed that Marcheluzzo has developed specifically for this market. With this, the products coming from the rapid drying process are transported as gently as possible. The programming line is part of the standard equipment and includes a loading gripper unit with five turning heads, which thanks to the new closing system working on the basis of electric cylinders, ensures very gentle pick-up of the products. Special focus was on maximized stability of the packs on the kiln car as the loading height in the kiln is 2 m.

The fired products are off-loaded by two systems. One works pack-by-pack and the other dehacks the layers and reforms the packs, leaving gaps for the lifter forks. New at this plant is an electronic strapping unit developed and built completely by Marcheluzzo Impianti. This new development enables the control of the entire strapping process from the control panel. The speed and the tension can be freely adjusted depending on the type of straps used and in line with product requirements. Installation and commissioning of this plant have already been completed.

SARL Gmef, Djerma, Batna, Algeria: Complete plant (400 000 t hollow blocks per year)

In this plant, at which the raw materials are prepared in a very large section with clay storage for automatic feeding of the aged clay, robot technology is used. One of the key specifications was to maximize output with optimum efficiency and reduced labour requirements. The blocks are dried in a DT7 dryer. The tunnel kiln is built with special high-quality refractories and dry insulation. All the equipment has been delivered on site and installation is set to start very soon.

SARL Gmef, Tadjenanet, Mila, Algeria: Complete plant for 400 000 t hollow blocks per year

This project is similar to the one in Batna detailed above, but assembly began a few months ago.

SARL Briqueterie Tuilerie Izerkhef BTI, Freha, Tizi Ouzou, Algeria: Complete plant for 350 000 t hollow blocks per year

This completely automatic plant has a large centralized clay preparation station with an automatic silo from which the aged clay is fed to the downstream production lines. Robot technology is used in the automatic handling line from pick-up and loading of the cut blocks to off-loading of the kiln cars. The DT7 dryer is a semi-rapid dryer with continuous ventilation system. The tunnel kiln has also been supplied by Marcheluzzo Impianti. All the machines have been delivered on site and the foundations completed so that installation can start soon.

SARL Briqueterie de Sotbaf, Boughezoul, Algeria: Part-modernization for 300 000 t hollow blocks per year

This plant has been gradually modernized and put into operation over the last few years. As part of this new project, an automated storage facility for the finished packs with automatic or semi-automatic direct loading on trucks has been installed. The equipment is on site and ready for start-up.

Marcheluzzo Impianti S.r.l.


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