Methods of evaluation for raw material suitability and body optimization (Part 2)

A number of veteran methods for evaluating the suitability of raw materials, including the Winkler diagram, the Augustinik diagram and material qualification testing according to Freyburg, are critically examined and accommodated to presently employed product qualities and production technologies. Based on past experience with quantitative mineral analysis, mineral compositions considered optimal for diverse heavy clay product categories are stated. Here in part 2, a procedure is described for the pre-optimization of body compositions by means of simple search techniques, linear optimization methods and algorithms.

3 Optimization of body compositions

The described methods of suitability evaluation also provide a foundation for the goals-oriented pre-optimization of body compositions, both for new plants and for the alteration of bodies in use at existing plants. The typical ceramic body consists of one or several economically obtainable primary clays or loamy clays. More expensive amending clay may also be included for its outstanding properties. The specialist responsible for optimizing the body must be well-versed in geology and have comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of the material to be...

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